Hydraulic Pump Accessories

  1. Suction Strainer

    Suction Strainer is utilized as a particulate filter which prevents entry of large suspended matter from entering into the pump. It is designed with a semi permeable membrane enclosed in a metallic casing which traps particles present in the flowing liquid. This strainer reduces the chances of damage & break down in piping lines & lubricating systems of air conditioning plants, water processing domain, and chemical industries.
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  2. Tank Filler Breathers

    Tank Filler Breathers are comprised of nylon or metal oil filler and air breather filters. They are utilized to expel expanded air when temperature increases in the installed system. These breathers are completely suitable to be used in hydraulic systems. They are used to trap unwanted particles present in the incoming air and also to fill oil in the tank. These assemblies are highly appreciated for having lockable structure, anti-splash protection, & counterbalance valve.
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  3. Fluid Level Indicator

    Fluid Level Indicator is widely utilized in storage tanks, blending containers, fermenters, and processing systems of various industries. It is required to the volume of contained material within the sample without opening its lid. This indicator is completely suitable to be used for corrosive & non corrosive media. It is utilized for various applications including sewage treatment, fertilizers, and natural gas. This indicator is made having aluminum pressure die cast body with high visibility viewing lens.
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  4. Pipe Clamps

    Pipe Clamps are the type of fastening assemblies that are required for holding pipes firmly at a specific place. They are most commonly utilized for high pressure piping systems installed in food processing, beverage, brewing, dairy, and fermentation industries. These clamps are designed having two part structure that are joined using nut & bolts, after placing the pipe at the center in the provided groove.
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  5. Manifold Blocks/ Subplates

    Manifold Blocks/ Subplates are required for regulating the fluid flow between actuators, pumps, and other parts of the hydraulic system. Made from carbon steel, they are completely suitable to be utilized for both high & low pressure applications. These sub-plates have the flow range of 350 to 600 liter per minute with the working temperature of -20 to 70 degree Celsius. They control the rate or volume of flow required between the parts of machinery.
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  6. Bell Housing / L Type Bracket

    Bell Housing / L Type Bracket are utilized as a cover for the flywheel & clutch of the transmission on vehicles. They are fabricated using high grade cast iron with corrosion proof coating over the entire structure. These are applied by bolting to the engine block to assure their stability and reliability. They have a compact design, robust structure, and long lasting operational life. These assemblies can also be used as a covering for torque converter of vehicle transmission system that is driven by internal combustion engines.
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  7. Gear Coupling

    Gear Coupling is a type of mechanical assembly which is required for transmitting torque between two shafts. It holds the shafts together and prevents their disconnection during working. This coupling is utilized in motors, generator sets, pumps, industrial machines, and heavy duty vehicles. It is comprised of an internal gear with two hubs and an internal gear having outer sleeves. This coupling is made using premium quality steel alloy with high grade plastic sleeve.
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