Solenoid Operated Valve

  1. Proportional Solenoid Valves

    Proportional Solenoid Valves are designed to be utilized for the applications which require continuous change in pressure and rate of flow. They have the ability to position spools in many angles thus providing the ability to adjust flow volumes in many numbers. These are actuated electronically where the output pressure & flow is same as that of inlet. Flow rate in these proportional valves can be adjusted between 0% to 100% ratings.
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  2. Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve

    Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve is comprised of a spring, plunger, pilot hole, diaphragm and a rubber seal. It works by converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy resulting in opening & closing of valve mechanically. This pilot operated valve uses system’s air pressure for actuating the spool. It is known for allowing small & easy feed to control high pressure flow. This valve uses small orifice for controlling the opening & closing of diaphragm.
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